Monday, June 3, 2013

Alpha Rev

"Put down the knife you're weilding
Let high stone walls fall away
With gentle time will be an ending
And I'll be here till the colors fade
And I'll be here till your dying day."
-Sing Loud by Alpha Rev

We stumbled across this band when they opened for Ben Rector at the House of Blues. All I can say is they are great. Great live and I can seriously listen to this CD all the way through. There aren't many albums like that. 

My favorite songs are "Crystal Colorado" and "Black Sky." But the most popular song on the album is "Sing Loud" which reached #15 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart. 

Next DFW show is Friday, July 12th at the Granada. 

For more info and tour schedule visit their website below: 

P.S. Sea Glass Beach

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