Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Who does not love a good candle? 

Since I started following multiple fashion/ interior design blogs about 2 years ago, I have constantly seen Diptyque candles, fragrances, and scented ovals being used, showcased, or recommended for gifts. I have been wanting a candle for quite some time but the $60 price tag deterred me. I figured that the $10 candles from BBW (Bath and Body Works) could suffice. But since my birthday is in roughly 2 weeks I decided to splurge and finally get the Diptyque candle of my dreams. 

Not only Roses but Rose Duet which is a combination of 2 popular scents: Roses and Baies (Black Currant & Rose) 

This was a limited edition candle for Valentines day but luckily for me, there are still some stores that have some. 

I have burned the candle twice and it fills the room. Truly. It smells like you are walking through the most fragrant rose garden ever. I would highly recommend these candles if you are feeling like splurging. They last for 50 hours, and are made in France. It is certainly a gift to make any hostess happy. 

P.S. Here are some great photos of ways to re purpose empty candle jars: 

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